Those Who Cross Over

 There are few among humans 
 who go to the further shore;
 The rest of them run about 
 here, on this shore.

 But those well established
 in Dhamma,
 Those who practice Dhamma,
 Are among those who will cross over
 Beyond the realm of death 
 so difficult to escape.

 Abandoning the way of darkness,
 Cultivating the bright,
 The wise go from home to homelessness,
 Which for others is hard to enjoy.

 Desiring that rare delight,
 Renouncing pleasure,
 Owning nothing of defilements of the mind,
 The wise person should cleanse himself.

 Those whose minds are well established
 In the factors of enlightenment,
 Relinquish attachments
 And delight not in clinging.
 They, untainted and radiant,
 In this very world attain Nibbana.

 Paragamino Gatha
 Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. The Bhavana Vandana